Funding Information and Application 

Funding Process

Funding Information

NMWC solicits applications from charities focused on programs and projects that help women, children and families in our community and provide opportunities for club members to volunteer.

We do not fund capital campaigns, political organizations or religious organizations unless the funds are directed to a significant project that is nonsectarian and benefits a broad base in the community.  We do not fund organizations that “re-gift” the funds received. The NMWC does not fund organizations that are not yet formed or do not have an “operating model” to deliver services. The NMWC’s strong preference is to support efforts that assist larger numbers of people.

Charities prioritized by the NMWC will receive grants up to their requested amount and up to what is available from our Fundraising efforts. There will be no cap on what a charity can request assuming a detailed budget is provided to explain the request. 

Charities are eligible for grants each year. The provision of a grant by the NMWC in any given year, however, does not entitle the receiving organization to any future grants.

All charities receiving grants of $5,000 or more will be expected to provide reporting back to the NMWC after one year of receiving the grant including an actual grant budget report and answers related to the charity and/or project impact.

Application material is available from June 1st to July 15th of each year with an update to charities on their status by November. All grants are dispersed every May and are determined by the fundraising achieved by the NMWC and the amounts requested.  The goal is to help as many charities as we can in our communities.  

If you have any immediate questions or would like to submit your application, you are welcome to contact us at  and reference the Appropriations process.