The Membership Committee makes sure members are engaged and stay connected to the club and its benefits.  This group welcomes new members and ensures that they have access to newsletters, website, and our member database.   They also collect annual dues and connect members to committee assignments.  


The Programs Committee is dedicated to providing entertaining, uplifting, and relevant programs for our monthly meetings that improve the quality of life for our members. 


Hospitality Committee is there for our members.  In the hospital? Or need a helping hand? Let Hospitality know and a meal is on its way! Hospitality is also in charge of monthly meals for the General meetings of NMWC.  They take your reservations and check-in members as they arrive.  So make it easy on yourself and them – pay for your meals for the year!


The Appropriations Committee is responsible for reviewing Charitable Grant applications and proposing a list of charities for consideration by the Board and the general membership. In January, the Committee commences the grant process by posting the application documents and requirements to the Club’s website. The Committee also notifies the public, via the Club’s Weekly Update and social media platforms, and past Charitable Grant applicants, via email.  Applications are submitted electronically to the Club website June 1 through July 15.  The Committee reviews the applications and recommends ten charities to the Board. Upon approval, the charities are submitted to the membership for comment.  Based on member feedback and Committee review, the Board finalizes the Charitable Grant designations at its July meeting and the Committee notifies the selected recipients. Awards are disbursed the following May, at the close of the fiscal year.


The Education committee supports education in our community in many different ways including tutoring of students, volunteering to read, proctoring exams, judging senior projects and more.  Supporting teachers through teacher supply drives and teacher recognition events has also become an important part of our Education Committee. 

Special Interest 

All work makes Jane a dull girl – so thank goodness for Special interest – our way to have fun!  This is where you find us getting together as friends – book club, canasta, movies, arts and crafts, wine & dine, dining around and more.  If there are several members with an interest in a group let us know – we are happy to get something started.  Just remember, these events are open to club members only, not visitors.


This committee is responsible for finding a candidate for all the elected positions to be presented to the General Membership for the March election.  The appointed Nominating Committee members will select the Chairperson from within the committee.          


Driving our ability to help others is the Fundraising Committee.  Each year we have a Sponsorship Campaign seeking the support of businesses in our community. We will also have one major fundraiser in March along with our annual Red, White & Green Auction in December. In addition, individual members and small groups can create Make $ Grow Projects. Anything goes to help Make $ Grow. You can make something, host something, teach something, do something, anything you can think of to create a mini fundraiser.  Together they all add up!  Fundraising counts on the help of all of our members to be successful.

Our Committees

Community Affairs

Most of what we do for our local community rests on the shoulders of Community Affairs.  This is where our hands-on efforts are coordinated. The Community Affairs committee meets several times each year to identify the major groups they will work with and support.  They plan a volunteer or collection event for each month and coordinate with different committees to make the most impact. 

​​Communications & Technology

Our Communications & Technology Team wears many hats for the club, but its primary mission is to keep our members, charities, sponsors and the public aware of our mission and what NMWC offers within our community.  This team is responsible for communications and public relations via multiple mechanisms:  the NMWC website and member management software, our social media platforms, member newsletter and relationships with local media outlets. By leveraging all of these we hope to create greater awareness and interest in NMWC.


Well-behaved women DO make history!  The Historian Committee documents the highlights of North Mecklenburg Women's Club activities and successes as we create our own legacy and helps us learn the history of the communities in which we live and serve.