Special Interest/Arts

All work makes Jane a dull girl – so thank goodness for Special interest – our way to have fun! This is where you find us getting together as friends –Book Club, Canasta, Movies, Wine & Dine, and more. If there are several members with
an interest in a group let us know – we are happy to get something started. We will also provide a wide range of activities to enrich our members and our community through participation in the arts.  Information on theater and museum outings, music events, crafts and other activities for members will be offered. In addition, we will enhance our community through crafts programs we share with the organizations we support.


This committee is responsible for finding a candidate for all the elected positions to be presented to the General Membership

for the March election.  The appointed Nominating Committee members will select the Chairperson from within the committee.          


The Membership Committee welcomes new members to the club and assists with the flow of our monthly meetings.  They provide greeters and table captains at our monthly meetings, host orientation meetings for members new to the club, and hosts several “Girls Night Out” events throughout the year. The committee also has responsibility for maintaining the by-laws of the club. Our Membership Committee works together to make the everyday events of NMWC run more smoothly - as greeters, mentors, planners and more!


The Programs Committee is responsible for planning programs for the General Meetings. The committee members will find guest speakers for the day and night meetings. All members are welcome to join this committee and bring new and innovative ideas to

the membership.​


 Driving our ability to help others is the Fundraising Committee.  With several major fundraisers each year, this is a very busy committee.  Lots of thought and planning goes into every aspect of each event, and everyone's help is essential to make it a success.  We ask that every member help with fundraising in some aspect – from planning to purchasing tickets. Each member is required to sell or purchase at least two tickets to one of the major fundraising events annually.

Our Committees

Community Affairs

This committee consists of a dedicated group of fun, energetic and caring ladies who serve the Lake Norman area in many ways. From doing manicures for Hunter Village residents to preparing lunches for needy children during the summer at Angels and Sparrows, this group is committed to serving. Events are scheduled at night, on weekends and during the work week to give every club member an opportunity to participate. This committee is linked directly with the communities that the club represents and in which its members reside. It seeks to develop a stronger community bridge between NMWC and local charities. This group organizes collections for local charities, including winter clothing, toys, summer lunch supplies, cleaning supplies and pet supplies. Additionally, the committee’s purpose is to serve as a special group of volunteers for outreach and resources as needed for events such as, but not limited to, natural disasters, catastrophic events or special interests not being served by another committee but approved as a vital need of service by the committee, its chair and the club’s president. ​


The Hospitality Committee is there for our members. In the hospital – let the Hospitality Chair know and a meal is on its way! But most importantly, the Hospitality Committee is in charge of monthly meals for NMWC meetings. They take your reservations and check in members as they arrive. Members and guests can pay for their meals at each meeting or members can make it easier on themselves by paying in advance for all of their meals for the year!


The Communications Committee oversees the flow of information within the club and to the public, developing and implementing strategies and plans to communicate the NMWC message. This committee has the prime responsibility for managing the club’s image and advises the Board regarding public relations and communication strategy. Specific activities include:  Maintaining media contact lists, preparing and delivering press releases and special periodic general advertisements, administration of the club’s website, preparation and distribution of the club’s e-newsletter, managing publicity for meetings and events, sharing and managing communications through social media, and photographing events.​


Each year the Appropriations Committee requests any interested charities complete a Contribution Request Application. These applications are available in January and must be completed and returned by April.  The applications are sent to the committee for eligibility review and then the committee's top ten recommendations are passed on to the Executive Board for consideration. The membership votes for their top choices, and the board selects the charities that will receive the main portion of our funds for the 
coming year.  All the other eligible charities will be considered for a smaller amount of funds the following April and/or supported with projects during the year. 


The Education Committee supports public and member education in numerous ways. In 2020-21, we are focusing on two local schools with large populations of low income student- Hornet’s Nest and Blythe Elementaries. For these schools we are holding Teacher Appreciation Events, book donations, and other programs that help the staff and teachers create a better experience for the students. Box Tops collected will be donated directly to Hornet’s Nest. We also have collected books, school supplies and backpacks to benefit children in need each year. Many of us read to pre-schoolers at LaEscuelita bilingual preschool or tutor elementary and secondary students at Caterpillar Ministries, both in Huntersville.. NMWC offers mentoring opportunities for women who are returning to college through the ANSWER Scholarship program and we financially support the adult programs at Caterpillar Ministries. Education also conducts seminars for our members. In 2019, there are plans for an Active Shooter seminar and a session on social media