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History of North Mecklenburg Woman's Club

The North Mecklenburg Woman’s Club was organized in 1914 under the name of Huntersville Woman’s Club with an average membership of about thirty in the early years.  Members worked on lawn beautification, flowers, gardens, handicrafts, recipes, music and art appreciation, and for civic improvement.  In the early twenties, Boy and Girl Scout Troops were sponsored.

There was close partnership with the local schools.  Teachers were welcomed with a picnic or reception, shrubbery was planted, school-ground walks were paved, clothes closets were established, books were donated for the school library, and help was given with fundraising.

During the war years, volunteers sold war bonds, helped on Red Cross work, furnished supplies for cancer patients, and assisted in Polio, Heart, and other health drives.  Members studied Red Cross First Aid Courses and did volunteer work in those areas.

[library] The Club was instrumental in establishing the first branch library in the county.  A small brick building was furnished with shelves, draperies, necessary tables and chairs.  Books (from the Charlotte Public Library) had to be rebound and catalogued and local workers staffed the library.  Later, a five-room house was made available for several years.

In 1953, the North Mecklenburg Woman’s Club was federated under the name of Huntersville Woman’s Club with the General Federation of Women’ Clubs.  There were 44 members, two of who had been members of the original 1914 group.  Four departments were set up:  American Home Education, Fine Arts, and International Relations.  There was much renewed interest in Club work on all levels.  Results were “Clean up, Fix up, Paint” drives, planting of trees and shrubs, garden tours, handicraft interest, visual arts, music, book reviews, health programs, fashion shows, bazaars, bake sales, antique displays, and Christmas Home Decoration contests.

The Club instigated the forming of the Huntersville Community Council, which sponsored a summer recreation program. Through the American Field Service Exchange Student Program, the Club assisted North Mecklenburg High School in securing their first foreign student in 1956.

The Club acted as hostess when the new public library was completed in January 1956. Books were moved by local townspeople. Awards were received for Community achievement and Dedicated Service.  In 1957, the Club was awarded a silver tray for the Oscar Merritt World Peace Award.

Many District and State level art, sewing and craft winners came from this Club.  In 1978, one member was a National winner in “Sewing for the Handicapped”.  The Club won the Community Improvement Program Award in 1973 for support of the North Mecklenburg Medical Development Association to which there was a $1,000 donation.  Tennis courts in Huntersville were given a $1,000 and $500 was donated for fountains in Holbrook Park.

Support has been given to North Mecklenburg activities, Boys’ and Girls’ Homes, Huntersville Hospital Operation “Home-bound” through CPCC, and Western Carolina Center.

Other projects included Beautification of a school in Peru, CARE, Crime Prevention, Great Books, and RIF Programs.  In 1980, presentation of the bus, “Funshine Express” was made to the Huntersville Hospital.  This was a community-wide project.  In 1980-82, for the restoration of the Hugh Torrance House and Store, $4,700 was given.  Through combined efforts, Girls’ Haven pool and gym were made available for community use in 1981-82, making more than $2,200 for the Home.  In 1981, the Club sponsored the chartering of a new sister club, the North Mecklenburg Junior Woman’s Club.

In 1982, a Fit-Trail was given at $1,000 boost.  The Club supported the Long Creek Citizen’s Committee in their victorious fight against the Reames Road Landfill.

Education has been a main concern through the years.  In 1983 the Club sponsored its first $1,000 scholarship for at student at North Mecklenburg High School.  In 2000, the Club sponsored its first scholarship for a woman wanting to return to school to further her career.  Currently, the Club sponsors five scholarships.  Hopewell High School receives two $1,000 and North Mecklenburg High School receives two $1,000 scholarships for their students.  The scholarship for a woman is currently at $500.00.

The Huntersville Woman’s Club made numerous changes in 2004.  The membership voted to change the name to North Mecklenburg Woman’s Club.  Many club members were from surrounding towns and it was the clubs desire to make all members and prospective members feel welcomed and part of the club.  The North Mecklenburg Woman’s Club also voted to withdraw its membership from the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs.  This left the club to be an independent club to work on projects that they felt would help their community most.

All women are encouraged to join the North Mecklenburg Woman’s Club in their endeavors to provide a quality of life for all those that wish to make their community an active part of their life.

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