History of North Mecklenburg Woman's Club

Over a century ago, a group of women in Huntersville met and formed a club with the intention of swapping recipes, helping the needy and collecting war rations. Who knew that over 106 years later, that same club would be in existence still helping the community?

The North Mecklenburg Woman’s Club, with it’s almost 200 members, has a rich history of bringing women together to promote and support social, educational and civic progress. We do so by holding fundraising events, providing support to our schools, awarding scholarships, participating in many community service activities, organizing needed collections and having tons of fun along the way.  

Through the years, many charities in the Lake Norman area have benefited from the hard work and generosity of our ladies.  Our current charities 

To learn more about the club’s rich history, clickhere.  The document will give you a sense of our history and our events going back to our establishment in 1914. Also view the list of our past presidents who have helped shape who we are today. 

​Our History

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